3ple Magnets™ Cable

3ple Magnets™ Cable

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Make Life Easier In 2021

⚡Charge Everything With This Cable

 The Perfect Charging Solution



No more trips over chords, slow charging and fraying/tangled cables.


Watching Videos Horizontally Made Easier

Make your life easier with a 540º free rotation magnetic end. Move your phone freely while charging without damaging the cable.
Playing games or watching videos horizontally were never this easy!


Instant Absorption

Strong Magnets!
Equipped with N52 Neodymium magnets, our cables can ensure a powerful and safe connection.


Safe Driving

With our cable it's a one-hand super simple operation - just get the cable end close to the magnetic tip and your good to go!


 50% Faster Charging

Charge your devices faster with the 3ple Magnets™ Cable, which has 3A Fast Charging coupled with a high-speed charger.
And yes, the cable transfers data as well!


Built To Last

The TPE fixed joint (sleeving) and reinforced coating make our cable capable of withstanding repeated bending.
Enjoy the anti-tear design on this cable, sturdy and tangle free!


Protect Your Ports!

The most common cause of damage to a phone are faulty ports. The constant plugging and unplugging wear and tear down the metallic contacts, causing connecting problems.
Good news: our cable completely eliminates this issue with its magnetic absorption design!

"Game changer. They're great if you have pets and a pack of kids like myself as they have virtually stopped breaking power cords. I've got a couple of them around my house and on many of my devices (USB C, Micro, Lightning). Thank you for this product."
- Mark Butler

Endless Benefits

Long Lasting ☛  It has a tinned copper wire core, coated with an inner layer of insulation, again coated with TPE material AKA very hard to break.

Easy To Find ☛  The LED indicator lets you know exactly where the cable is while the magnets snap together in an instant.

Smart Charging ☛  The smart chip prevents your battery from being drained while the cable is connected (extended lifetime). It's safer for the devices, more efficient and charges faster!




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